A Little bit about our legacy

Each June, the Sacramento LGBT Community Center hosts our largest community engagement of the year, Sacramento Pride, that celebrates LGBTQ+ activism, diversity, and community. SacPride has grown from just a few thousand people in a neighborhood park to more than 18,000 participants on Capitol Mall in 2018. As Pride has evolved, we have continuously worked to make the events as vibrant, accessible, and inclusive of our entire community as possible.

Moving the event to Capitol Mall almost a decade ago and reviving the parade provided unprecedented visibility for our community and allowed the event to expand its footprint and become more accessible. Since then, attendance has more than doubled and the surrounding downtown area has been transformed including the addition of a new arena.

We are working to make SacPride 2019 the best it can be on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, from which annual Pride marches and celebrations around the world followed to recognize the sweeping impact that LGBTQ individuals, advocates and allies have had on history of LGBTQ+ liberation in the U.S. and around the globe. We intend to center the voices of our community, many of whom remain vulnerable and continue to fight for survival, as we plan for this year’s SacPride events.