Applications for 2020 are NOW OPEN!

March Application

This is the application to be a contingent in the march. You will be notified when your application has been approved. Thank you again.
  • Your Organization Information

  • CONTINGENT TYPES. Contingent types are defined as follows:
    • NONPROFIT Contingent: Defined as a nonprofit charitable organization, government agency, or student group, as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    • LOCAL BUSINESS Contingent: Defined as any locally-owned company that employs fewer than 100 employees.
    • NATIONAL BUSINESS Contingent: Defined as any company with 100 or more employees or contingent names that reference a company with 100 or more employees.
  • Important Information

  • March Route

    Theme: Past Present and Proud

    Date: June 14th, 2020

    Set-Up: 8:30 a.m. March: 11 a.m.

    Location: TBD

  • The sidewalk areas along the march route are open to everyone. Only registered participants are allowed to be on the street during the run of the march. The SacPride March route is TBD.

    All floats and vehicles must be able to safely navigate all turns of the march route.

    If your contingent's march application is accepted, you will receive additional information pertaining to the march, including arrival times.

  • March Contingent Vehicle, Float and Marching Specifications:

    • A Marching Contingent is defined as 50 marchers or less.
    • A Vehicle Contingent is defined as one or two vehicles that does not exceed 20 feet and 25 marchers.
    • A Float Contingent is defined as one vehicle longer than 20 feet but less than 40 feet and 25 marchers. Maximum width of 16 feet.
  • Current members of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce are entitled to take 15% off their fees. Proof of membership is required - email for the coupon code.

  • $0.00
  • We will do our best to honor your request, but The Center is not obligated to fulfill them.
  • Please Note: SacPride reserves the right to edit review statements. These are also dependent on the March route.
  • Rules and Regulations

    1. VEHICLES. All motor vehicles in the march must be properly registered and insured on the day of the march and all drivers must have valid drivers licenses. This will be verified on the day of the march. Drivers will be required to sign a liability release form. Failure to provide valid licenses, proof of insurance, or to sign the release form is ground for removal from the march.
    2. MARCH THEME. Sacramento LGBT PRIDE (SacPride) requires all participating reflect this year's theme in an acceptable and tasteful manner. The 2020 theme is: Past, Present & Proud.
    3. CONTINGENT MONITORS. Each contingent MUST provide monitors for their group based on the following ratios:
      • 1-9 persons in group: no monitors required.
      • 10-20 persons in group: 2 monitors required.
      • 21-40 persons in group: 4 monitors required.
      • 41-80 persons in the group: 8 monitors required.
      • 80+ persons in the group: 10 monitors required.
    4. CHECK IN. Participants will be allowed to enter the check-in area at 8:30 AM on the day of the event. All march contingents must check-in with march management at the designated location (to be announced) no later than 9:30AM on the morning of the march. Groups not present by 9:30AM will be assigned to the back of the march, resources permitting.
    5. RESTRICTIONS. None of the following are to be sold, displayed, distributed, or otherwise present at the event without the express written consent of The Center:
      • Alcoholic Beverages, Bottled Water or Food
    6. Participants found in violation of these rules are subject to immediate expulsion from the festival grounds with no refund of fees paid without prejudice to The Center's right to other claims or damages.

    7. PRIOR APPROVAL REQUIRED None of the following may be handed out or be part of your contingent without prior written approval of The Center:
      • Live Animals
      • Bottled water
      • Confetti
      • Silly String
      • Air Horns
      • Amplified Sound

      Furthermore, the City of Sacramento prohibits the following items along the march route:
      • Glass Bottles
      • Balloons filled with anything other than helium or air
      • Body Armor
      • Bricks, Stones, or Projectile Launching Equipment (including water guns)
      • Operational Gas Masks.

      Participants found in violation of these rules are subject to a $50 fine.
    8. LIVE ANIMALS. You must have prior written permission from The Center to include live animals in your contingent. All animals must be on a leash or properly restrained. All contingents must follow safety codes for the City of Sacramento. You are responsible for cleaning up after your animals. Any obvious animal abuse will be reported to authorities and will result in removal from the march.
    9. FORWARD MOTION. All contingents are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the march. No stopping unless directed by SacPride staff. All performances or maneuvers must be "on the move." NO GAPS between march units of more than 30 feet.
    10. EMERGENCY TRAFFIC LANE. Police and Fire Department traffic lanes must be kept open at all times. The law forbids parking vehicles, decorating units, practicing routines and / or forming walking groups in these lanes.
    11. THROWING FROM YOUR CONTINGENT. March participants may not throw any item into the crowds. This means you may not throw items from your unit, float, or auto. Items may be handed out. NOTE: A penalty of $150 for each infraction will be levied. If your entry is pulled from the march, entry fees will not be refunded or returned.
    12. NUDITY AND OBSCENITY. Nudity and obscenity are not permitted as defined by California State Code, title 17.04.480. Violators may be subject to citation or arrest by the Sacramento Police Department.
    13. SOLICITATION. Contingents are not allowed to solicit money along the march route.
    14. VEHICLE BREAKDOWN Towing charges for any contingent vehicle that becomes disabled and / or delays the march will be at the contingent's expense.
    15. HOLD HARMLESS / INDEMNITY. All contingents are responsible for any and all acts and /or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents, marchers, volunteers and / or employees that may result in injury or damage to themselves, their agents, marchers, volunteers and / or employees or to third parties. Contingents specifically agrees to indemnify and to hold SacPride and its agents, volunteers and employees free and harmless and to defend it from any and all claims arising out of such acts or omissions.
    16. REMOVAL OF PARTICIPANTS SacPride reserves the right to remove any contingent and / or person(s) from the pre-march staging area or march that, in Pride's opinion, is offensive, a hindrance to the progress of the march, places other participants in danger, or violates any regulation of this application.
    17. SAFETY MEETING All march contingents are required to send at least one representative to one of the March Safety Meetings.
    18. THIRD PARTY BUSINESSES. Contingents and floats cannot be sponsored by or display logos or trademarks from third party businesses or organizations without the advance express written permission of SacPride. Such permission, if granted, will include additional fees and conditions and must take place prior to June 14, 2020. Conditions found in violation of this rule will be invoiced by Pride for the full amount of a second contingent.
    19. MARCHING TOGETHER AND THIRD-PARTY REASSIGNMENT. No contingent is allowed to participate as one or as part of another continent without advance pre-March registration and approval from SacPride. Any contingent "crashing" the March will bereaved immediately. Groups desiring to march with other groups must state that in the "Special Requests" field of the application. No march entry may be reassigned to a third party without express written approval of SacPride.
    20. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL It is illegal to possess or consume alcohol or drugs while participating on City of Sacramento streets. Any illegal behaviors and / or violations of the law will not be tolerated in the SacPride staging, route, and dispersal area. You will be responsible for any fines, fees, arrests, injury or imprisonment that may occur if you break these or any other laws. In addition, violations will be immediate cause for dismissal from the March. Please discourage your participants from consuming any alcohol or drugs prior to or during the March.
    21. Add-Ons

      If you would like to add more marchers to your contingent please add them below.
    22. Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    23. $0.00
    24. American Express